Fergus O’Ferrall

Fergus O’Ferrall’s Talk from 2018


Dr. Fergus O’Ferrall, is Lay Leader of The Methodist Church in Ireland, 2016-18; he is a historian and author of a number of books including Catholic Emancipation Daniel O’Connell and The Birth of Irish Democracy 1820-30 (Dublin, 1985),Daniel O’Connell (2nd Edition,1998), Citizenship And Public Service (Dundalgan Press, Dundalk, 2000). He is a native of Co. Longford and he has edited with Martin Morris, Longford History and Society (Dublin, 2010. He has been Adelaide Lecturer in Health Policy, Trinity College, Dublin, President of The National Youth Council of Ireland and Chair of The Wheel, the coordinating body of the community and voluntary sector. He is a Governor of The Irish Times. He is a contributor to the recently published A Dialogue Of Hope Critical Thinking For Critical Times ed.Gerry O’Hanlon SJ, (Messenger Publications, Dublin, 2017). He  contributed to the 1985 and the 2009 Goldsmith International Literary Festivals.